4 RFT 

1,600m Row 

800m Run  

1 min Rest between rounds  

YES- you are reading this correctly! This WOD is going to challenge you in ways that others won’t. This is monotonous. You’re going to get bored. 

You are going to have a lot of time to yourself to think. Your mind is going to try and tell you to quit- use this as time to help teach your mind a lesson that your body is a badass! 

The thought to skip this WOD might be in the forefront of your mind, but what you will gain here is all mental, and will translate itself in surmountable ways. Ignore the thought. It’s a liar. 

Grind on!  


Elizabeth has some of the fiercest faces! She wears her emotions on her sleeve - but she always finishes and doesn’t cut corners. Today, be like Elizabeth!