About Central Oregon CrossFit

MISSION STATEMENT Central Oregon Crossfit was the first Crossfit affiliate in Central Oregon having openedit’s doors in August of 2008. We offer a distinct style of fitness training, gathering frommultiple schools of training philosophies. The goal of our training is to provide the best,healthiest, and most efficient results possible. However, our fitness training providesmuch more than speed, endurance, strength, muscle growth, and fat loss. The trainingwill be challenging, unique, and creative in ways that sparks inspiration for our students.When our students finish each sessio


  • Boulders for Shoulders!

  • Lets get BUFF!




    3x5 Strict Press (increasing weight to 5 RM on last set) 

    3x5 Push Press (start slightly heavier than your strict press, increase to 5 RM on last set)


    Met Con


    4 RFT:


    400m run 

    50 push-ups (30 for scaled) 


    25 T2B ( V-Ups for scaled)