Partner Up!
Partner Up!

Teams of Two

WOD #1
4 Rounds for time:
1:00 minute of Thursters for Reps
Handstand holds
:30 Seconds Rest

One athlete will do as many Thrusters as they can for one minute. The other athlete will hold a handstand position. If the team member holding the handstand breaks/drops, the team member doing the Thrusters must stop. If the break/drop occurs during the middle of the rep, that rep does Not count. 

At the end of the minute, athletes will switch positions.

Score = total Reps 

3:00 Minutes Rest

WOD #2
5:00 Min AMrAP
Snatch Relay

One team member will perform as many Snatches as they can, as the other team member runs around the Diamond. When the team member returns from the run, athletes switch. 

Score = total reps.

3:00 Minutes Rest

WOD #3
3:00 Min “Head to Head” Burpee Relay

Both team members will have 3:00 minutes to perform as many burpees as they can. Only one team member can perform a burpee at a time. An athlete cannot start their burpee till their teammate claps their hands at the end of their burpee.

The teams overall score is: (WOD#1 reps) + (WOD#2 Reps) + (WOD#3 reps)


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